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Using HFM or Planning?
Now that Oracle is very publicly focused on developing its Cloud solutions, where does this leave you if you are an on-premise user of Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) or Hyperion Planning?
Remote System Admin
Many companies partner with Alui, outsourcing their system administration tasks, saving them time and money.
iXBRL in the "cloud"...

Alui can prove a user-friendly solution for iXBRL tagging in the UK & Ireland, and for COREP, FINREP and Solvency II XBRL tagging.  Filing 2015 accounts? - Minimum iXBRL Tagging disappears with the arrival of the new FRS taxonomies      



Alui Support Advantages

When it comes to supporting your Hyperion applications, you have a choice beyond your current provider. Contrary to what you may have been told, third party support is a viable option for all Hyperion users and the benefits of this model are vast.

Alui provide Hyperion support, maintenance, and consulting services that help companies maximize their ROI from their software investments. Whether companies want to cost-effectively maintain their current software environment through a third-party support agreement, or extend the life of their software through strategic consulting services; Alui has a solution to fit their needs.

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