iXBRL Tagging

Submitting iXBRL tagged statutory accounts to HMRC and Irish Revenue

iXBRL Tagging – submitting statutory accounts to HMRC and Irish Revenue

Alui’s expertise is in the support of financial systems, and for iXBRL tagging we are proud to partner with CoreFiling, who invented iXBRL in conjunction with UK HMRC. We are able to help you meet the mandatory submission guidelines in the UK and Ireland by providing you with a Full Tagging Service or with licences for CoreFiling’s cloud-based Seahorse® solution to carry out your own tagging in-house.

CoreFiling LogoFull Tagging Service

  • Simply send us your accounts in Word or Excel format and we will tag and return them to you
  • Service Quality: Our service is performed by UK based ex-Big 4 trained accountants, with years of iXBRL tagging experience
  • Market leading iXBRL software: We use CoreFiling’s Seahorse® solution, the market leading iXBRL software
  • Transparency: In addition to the iXBRL file that you submit to HMRC/Revenue, we will send you a copy of your accounts with the iXBRL tags embedded, so you can clearly see which tags have been applied.
  • UK HMRC and Irish Revenue recognized software & tagging service: As part of the service we will pass the iXBRL tagged document through the same validation checks used by HMRC and Irish Revenue so you can be sure they will submit successfully
  • Lower risk:  Since the accounts are professionally tagged it lowers the risk of a subsequent tax enquiry

CoreFiling’s Seahorse® Solution – carry out your own in-house tagging

Seahorse® is a cloud-based solution that allows you to produce an iXBRL file for submission to HMRC or Revenue.

  • No changes to the way you currently produce accounts
  • No specific knowledge of iXBRL or XBRL required
  • No software to install, run or maintain
  • Takes half the time of manual ‘drag and drop’ systems
  • Rapid, accurate machine learning means reduced risk of mis-tagging
  • Audit trail delivers inbuilt accountability and transparency
  • Fully compliant with HMRC and Irish Revenue mandate

iXBRL flow diagram

Alui provide full training and support at whatever stage you choose to take on the tagging in-house. You could choose to use our tagging service in the first year, this relieves you of the burden of doing all the initial tagging work yourselves. Once the document has been tagged, the second year onwards becomes even easier as Seahorse® allows you to automatically tag the second-year accounts based on the tags applied in the prior year.

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