Reporting & Analysis

Deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time with a single platform for financial, statutory and management reporting.

Reporting and Analysis

Provide a single lens view into financial and operational results, with multiple reporting and analysis software capabilities in a single platform. Reduce the time and cost to deliver timely and accurate information and new analysis as your business changes. Maintenance is simplified by allowing users to mix and match a pre-built library of commonly used row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office accelerates adoption and provides a rich reporting experience.

Excel Integration

Excel add-in and embedded spreadsheet deliver the ultimate ad-hoc analysis and reporting solution. Answer any question in seconds with powerful ad-hoc drag, drop and pivot Excel analytics.

  • Financial Models in Excel retain calculations and styling even when refreshed
  • Include multiple XF Cube Views, Quick Views and Retrieves in the same Excel sheet
  • Shared user experience between web and Excel for dynamic POV and drill down

Production Reporting

OneStream delivers a powerful production report writer for your most detailed and pixel-perfect reports.

  • Powerful production and formatted report writer that is easily used by business users
  • Unified reports with data quality, actuals, budget and plan all available in a single report
  • Approximately 50 pre-built web reports include drill down, audit, process log, security analysis, certification status and process controls

Guided Reporting

Guided Reporting allows you to mix and match row and column templates for infinite reporting combinations allowing any user that understands the business to create powerful analytics.

  • Choose from a pre-built library of pre-formatted row or column sets
  • Drill down on any dimension via graphs, charts, reports and grids
  • Instantly export Guided Reports to Excel, PDF or any other standard format